This specification documents the OpenHIE Architecture components and the requirements for each OpenHIE component. In addition, the specification documents the OpenHIE workflows (data exchanges) and the underlying standards that support the workflows.

This is a living document created by the OpenHIE Community and based upon real-world implementations and needs.  If you have questions or need help unrelated to this guide, please contact us.

How can you contribute and enhance future releases of the specification document? All are encouraged to provide comments, proposed edits, and other suggestions for future versions on our Discourse forum site.

How can you get a view the latest specification?  To view the latest version of the OpenHIE Architecture Specification go to

What are OpenHIE Workflows (data exchanges)?

OpenHIE workflows are the technical data exchange patterns for exchanging health data between one or more of the OpenHIE Architecture & Standards components.  The OpenHIE workflows have been vetted and agreed upon by the OpenHIE Architecture Review Board Deliverables, Members, and Responsibilities.  

How can I have my project's workflows included in OpenHIE?  

Please notify anyone of the OpenHIE Architecture Review Board Deliverables, Members, and Responsibilities if you have a data exchange need that is not met with the current OHIE workflows or to suggest or propose a new workflow.  

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