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Want to join the call?

Dial Toll Free Number:

  • US: 800-220-9875
  • Norway: 800-142-85
  • Ireland: 800-625-002
  • Canada: 800-221-8656
  • South Africa 0-800-982-555
  • International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332
  • For additional toll free country numbers click here.

 Access Code 69593570#

**We can dial in any participants who are not able to connect through Skype or one of the above numbers, please email 24 hours in advance to be dialed in.


  • Jennifer Shivers (Regenstrief)
  • James Kariuki (CDC)
  • Manish Kumar (MEASURE Evaluation)6
  • Amy Handler (MEASURE Evaluation)
  • Saranita Lewis
  • Mark DeZalia (OGAC)
  • Michael Mwebaze  (MEASURE Evaluation/JSI)
  • Josephine Mungurere-Baker (BAO)
  • Steven Verner - Northrop Grumman (PROMIS-Tanzania)
  • Dana Juthe (OGAC CIT - PwC)
  • Elizabeth Meacham (I-TECH Zimbabwe)
  • Dan Cocos (BAO)
  • Kate Mbaire (PEPFAR Kenya)
  • Blessing ?? (ITECH Zimbabwe)
  • Mike Gehron (OGAC)
  • David Poreda (PwC - OGAC CIT)
  • Jason Pickering (DATIM Dev Team)
  • Annah Ngaruro (Measure Evaluation/ICF)
  • Ali Karisa (Palladium)
·         Welcome and purpose of the meeting (Manish) 
·         Guidance for data import in DATIM (Mark/Mike/Jason Pickering)
·         Review communication preferences of community members (Manish)
·         Community Discussion (All)
Welcome and purpose of the meeting (Manish)
  • Today will focus on data import - Nov 13 deadlineis for Annual Program Reporting (APR)
Guidance for data import in DATIM (Mark/Mike/Jason Pickering)
  • JP - Current process for the data import has not allowed countries to import directly into DATIM (even though this is possible)
  • Process was changed - all data needed to go through a data validation to check for:
  • Invalid data, indicators, and disaggregations
  • Mechanisms
  • DATIM derives all mechanism information from FACTSInfo
  • Was not transmitted properly
  • Internal Validation rules
  • Nov 6 deadline for final validated import files
  • Does anyone have any specific questions they would like to address on this call?
  • How many countries are implementing data exchange this year? 7 countries
  • Process: Once the data is validated and imported (through helpdesk) then the country team needs to approve and submit to the agency (approval workflow)
  • Plans for automation, via the API? Yes. This is the fourth load for some and seeing progress so we are close to certifiying a fair number of people with correct payloads to load directly to the API.
  • A specific weekly call will be set up on four topics (one will be country specific)
  • The call schedule will be sent out shortly - 4 standard weekly calls per month
  • General
  • Support for Data Exchange
  • SIM specific call
  • MoH specific call (Kenya and Tanzania focused)
Review communication preferences of community members (Manish)
  • TODO - Manish will review the communities Google group to see who is and is not subscribed and look for specifc issues people have been happening to see if he can solve the issues. If Google group does not seem to work for this group he will look into other means of communication.
  • Mailing List
  • Subscribing to the calendar
Community Discussion (All)