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Want to join the call?

Dial Toll Free Number:

  • US: 800-220-9875
  • Norway: 800-142-85
  • Ireland: 800-625-002
  • Canada: 800-221-8656
  • South Africa 0-800-982-555
  • International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332
  • For additional toll free country numbers click here.

 Access Code 69593570#

**We can dial in any participants who are not able to connect through Skype or one of the above numbers, please email 24 hours in advance to be dialed in.


Jamie Thomas (Regenstrief)
Vilma Thomas (CDC)
Jennifer Shivers (Regenstrief)
Angela Dormagen (USAID)
Lon Gowen (USAID)
Vlad Shioshvili (Measure Evaluation)
Angad Dhindsa (MEASURE Evaluation)
Denise Johnson (MEASURE Evaluation) 
Stacey Berlow (MEASURE Evaluation)
Paul Biondich (Regenstrief)
Annah Ngaruro(ICF)
Michael Mwebaze (JSI/MEASURE EVAL)
Dana Juthe (PwC)
Ademola Oladipo (CDC)
Jason Pickering (DATIM Dev Team/Univ. Of Oslo)
Manish Kumar (MEASURE Evaluation)
Dan Cocos (BAO)
Mary Kratz (DoD)
Lorinne Banister (Regenstrief) 
Krissy Celentano (USAID)
Jim Grace (HISP)
James Kariuki (CDC)
Josephine Mungurere-Baker (BAO)
Kondwani Nkanaunena (CDC)
Aulive Msoma (USAID)
Mike Gehron (OGAC)
Andreea Bealle (CDC)
Shaun Grannis (Regenstrief)
General Announcements
Communication Channels
Community-Driven Agenda Planning
  • This brief survey is intended to get to know members of the PEPFAR Data Exchange Implementers Community and how the community can help to support each others needs. Please take a minute to fill it out.


General Announcements

Communication Channels

  • Currently our community mailing list is set up mailing list using Google groups
  • Have explored additional communication options and we are looking at implementing Slack as our new main communication tool. Will be sending out more information around this in the future.

Community-Driven Agenda Planning

  • This brief survey is intended to get to know members of the PEPFAR Data Exchange Implementers Community and how the community can help to support each other’s needs. Please take a minute to fill it out.
  • Would like to get a better sense of why people are on the call, what topics you would like to discuss and allow people a space to bring items to this call.
  • Mary Kratz - what will we get out of these calls?
  • Lon Gowen - Working with SIMS. Looking for details on all developmental elements for communicating with DATIM. Forum to talk about and receive information around technical tasks.
  • Mike Gehron - The goal was to create 4 different monthly calls 1) SIMS 2) Implementation of MER data exchange 3) MoH call and 4) this call (the umbrella call) would be a place where you could get information about the other calls if you were unable to join and more
  • Paul BIondich- We want to be sensitive to your needs therefore we want to understand what you need.  
  • Jason Pickering - Listening for the problems which people are having. Dev team wants to make implementing easier and provide tools. Want to be here as a technical resource to answer questions.
  • Paul BIondich - Would there be value in an open mic? So people can bring problems this call?
  • Jason Pickering - Would be good to hear case studies that people have. This is the best way for development to be able to improve things for the user.
  • Denise Johnson - may use this call to explain some of the bigger picture, high level architecture discussions.  
  • Vilma Thomas - involved in MER and SIMS data exchange. There is certain data, such as the reference data, which are common to both MER and SIMS. Hence, it is helpful to have a forum to discuss common components.
  • Lon - the overview would be helpful 
  • Kondwani Nkanaunena - from the Malawi CDC - never used data exchange before so more information will help us prepare.  Currently using a file format as a temporary measure.
  • Paul Biondich - We will use the information people shared on today’s call and from the survey link (provided above) to drive future agendas forward.


  • Jason Pickering - In the survey please give feedback on documentation and tools. Currently revamping training tools.
  • Data Import call on 12/9 Jason would like to talk about changes to data exchange. 
  • Paul Biondich would also like to talk about documentation on a future call.
  • Stacey Berlow - There is a task to put together a web site for communicating information about the data exchange.
  • Denise Johnson - What challenges have people experienced when looking for information?
  • Jason Pickering - being able to understand specific DATIM rules and the validation. 
  • Shaun Grannis - Working on a workflow for site reconciliation and would benefit from input to help our understanding of how this works in user workflows 
  • Shaun Grannis - purpose of site reconciliation - non-unique sties can make their way into a site list.  Reconciliation process is intended to make sure that the site list is valid and contains unique site names.  Need to ensure that sites are understood by both parties when aggregate data is exchanged.  Different from de-duplication which is multiple mechanisms may be supporting same sites and patients and ensures patients are not counted twice.
  • Michael Mwebaze - to what extent has that effort aligned with master facility list projects?  
  • Shaun Grannis - at this time we have not drawn a direct connection to master facility registry management so this is a great question that we need to talk about.
  • Mary Kratz - There are differences for SIMs and MER.  
  • Shaun - Is this a venue to have conversations about site reconciliation?  
  • Jason Pickering- This is a higher level question that I think we need to discuss.