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The Patient Identity Management Community (formerly Client Registry) is a component of the OpenHIE and much more. There are currently two reference software implementations that have been IHE conformance tested and verified to support OpenHIE workflows: OpenEMPI and MEDIC-CR.  It is essential the client registry component is highly performant and scales to larger systems. Our high level goals include:

  • Ensure Performance and Scalability
  • Accurate and efficient Matching Algorithms
  • Customization and flexibility in implementing it
  • Improve manageability during operation

The mission of the OpenHIE Patient Identity Management Community is to enable an open, collaborative and global group dedicated to promoting and supporting people, disseminating best practices, and fostering innovative technology that provides accurate, reliable and stable identification and de-duplication of individuals and other entities in a variety of contexts, particularly resource constrained settings. 

We envision a world where the evolving patient identity management needs for systems in a variety of contexts, particularly resource-constrained health care environments, are supported by an open, collaborative and vibrant global community.

We value....

  • Collaboration – We value the contribution from community stakeholders and the meaningful partnerships that emerge from a variety of complementary roles that community members may serve.

  • Communication – We value providing multiple venues by which community members can interact. These mechanisms include e-mail, wiki, IRC, telephone and face-to-face meetings.

  • Interoperability - We value creating seamless integration among complementary components that may interact with MPI technology; we seek to leverage and promote standards-based approaches where feasible and practical.

  •  Openness - We value the inclusion of the rich diversity of experiences and perspectives that community members provide; we respect individual differences, and support intellectual freedom and diversity of thought; we seek to enable access for all who can benefit from our people, best practices, and technology.

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