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This is the first downloadable version of the OpenHIE specification, in 2015 the community release Version 1.0 on our wiki.  Version 2.0 includes an updated OpenHIE diagram, additional workflows and specifications for each of the OpenHIE components.  

So what is the purpose of this specification?  The OpenHIE Architecture Specification was created to document the OpenHIE Architecture.  The specification documents the OpenHIE components and the based requirements for each OpenHIE component.  In addition, the specification documents the OpenHIE workflows (data exchanges) and the underlying standards that the workflows utilize.  

How can you contribute and enhance future releases of the specification document?  The OpenHIE Architecture Specification is a living document created by the OpenHIE Community and based upon real-world implementations and needs.  You may provide comments, proposed edits, or other suggestions for future version specifications here.

How can you get a view and print download the latest specification?  To view and download the latest version of the OpenHIE Architecture Specification go to