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2021 Architecture Goals 

The following Architecture Goals were originally created as a result of conversations from the 2021 Architecture Summit.  These goals are living and will be updated periodically.  

Target Completion Date StatusGoal
Specification and Diagram Updates
May 2021

Diagram Updates 

  • Discuss how case reporting fits in
  • More discussion of how analytics fit into the diagram (DASH and Other)
Aug. 2021

Specification changes to come from Community

  • Do we need a case reporting workflow?
  • Add requirements for PoC systems 
Aug. 2021

Specification format

  • Is there a way to get feedback 
  • Is there a way to link to FHIR or use that format
March 2021
Establish initial testing scope 
March 2021
Establish process for test definition (Where to store and track changes)
Training (in partner with Academy)

Work on ways to educate the community on FHIR and FHIR IGs

Work on ways to educate the community on testing (overview of Gherkin and tools)
Reference Software

Identify or establish a reference SHR
June 2021
Update OHIE reference software wiki page 

Increase Software options for OHIE components
Instant OpenHIE

Continue to increase use cases 

Communicate packaging "rules" /  guidelines for OHIE

Explore the possibilities of a FHIR IG 
March 2021
Create a proposal for hosting a connectathon
Dec 2021
Host a connectathon
Continue to Create and  Improve Supports for Implementers 
June 2021
Re-work getting started guides
All Year
Publicize and showcase real world implementations? (Impact Stories)
Dec 2021 
Create a survey or mechanism to get OHIE feedback 
Grow Architecture Engagement 
Dec 2021
Update ARB members 
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