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“We believe that creating a safe place to raise concerns, discuss failures, improve existing ideas, and solve problems allows us to harness the collective wisdom of our community.”

OpenHIE is a community of practice made up of different committees and subcommunities focused on different practice areas. Below is an outline for the different committees that make up OpenHIE, their relationship to each other and the decision making process. 

Steering Committee

Provides fundamental guidance around community priorities and areas of emphasis to OpenHIE’s “Operational Committee”. It includes active country representatives of the OpenHIE community, representatives of ministries of health, and other ministry designated representatives. The Steering Committee meets quarterly, but more often as required, with the aim to meet annually in person.

"Operational Committee"

Provides support and guides operations and direction of the community.  This direct leadership, as informed by the Steering Committee and community, will help to create and manage the strategic direction of the OpenHIE community to better serve its members, stakeholders, and beneficiaries. The committee will also provide regular updates to the Steering Committee. The “Operational Committee” meets every other month and is chaired by the OpenHIE Lead. (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

Technical Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing OpenHIE’s architecture roadmap and curating resources that support country implementations based on OpenHIE’s framework. The Technical Committee meets monthly, but more often as required, with the aim to meet annually in person. (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

Note: OpenHIE Secretariat sits outside of this structure facilitating strategic community leadership through collaborative practices strengthening the work of community of practice members.

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