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“We believe that creating a safe place to raise concerns, discuss failures, improve existing ideas, and solve problems allows us to harness the collective wisdom of our community.”


The overarching goal of the OpenHIE Leadership Group is to empower sub-communities by ensuring they have access to the resources (people, processes and tools) that enable implementation of OpenHIE.  The OpenHIE Leadership Group is operationally focused and is for individuals who are working to spearhead the development of OpenHIE sub-communities. 

Decision Making

When it comes to decision making the OpenHIE leadership group strives for unanimous approval on matters relating to the development of the community.  However if a unanimous decision is not possible then group consensus is used.  Consensus allows the leadership group to have discussions virtually, on calls or in person so all can hear and understand each others opinions to come up with the best solution related to community matters.  When voting on a matter one can make a motion in favor and then another must second, other members of the leadership group then have 3 business days to raise the matter again for clarification.

Leadership group activities

 Members of the OpenHIE leadership group:

  1. Exemplify, maintain, develop OpenHIE’s mission, vision and values

  2. Develop and manage the short term (ie. 1yr) and long term (ie. 5yr) OpenHIE strategy

  3. Further develop and manage the community’s organizational structure

  4. Oversees/modifies community meeting schedules and artifacts (virtual and in-person)

  5. Provide oversight to the Architecture Review Board (ARB)

  6. Manages the OpenHIE release roadmap (what goes into each release, and when?)

  7. Assist/advise in prioritizing activities within the sub-community roadmaps

  8. Adjudicate requests that generically come to the community (ie, country implementation and presentation opportunities, training) 

  9. Encourage broad sharing of country implementation activities

  10. Encourage engagement of a broad representation of people in OpenHIE processes 

  11. Determine overall governance model

For additional details on each of the items above, please see the OpenHIE Leadership Model page. 

How to get involved with OpenHIE Leadership

Members of the Leadership group meet monthly (for call information see the Leadership Subcommunity Calls page). If you have any topics that you would like to discuss with the leadership group, please contact Jamie Thomas to ensure your items are added to the call agenda.

The leadership group thrives on leveraging the vast array of experience and diverse perspectives that members bring to the group. If any of the above activities are of interest and/or you would like to learn more about joining the leadership group, please reach out to Jamie Thomas.

Quick Links

Current Discussion Topics

  • Policy Review and Development: Partnership, Contribution, Privacy, Leadership
  • OpenHIE Events