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What are OpenHIE Workflows?

OpenHIE workflows are the technical data exchange patterns for exchanging health data between one or more of the OpenHIE Architecture & Standards components.  The OpenHIE workflows have been vetted and agreed upon by the OpenHIE Architecture Review Board Deliverables, Members, and Responsibilities.  

Where Can I find the Workflow Definitions?  

In the child pages below, the supported workflows within OpenHIE are described. By clicking on each workflow you can see interaction between the components of the HIE and the technical message specifications describing how the interaction takes place (ie.transaction)

What is the Status of Testing and Implementing these workflows?  

See the Workflow Collection Maturity for an overview of the testing and implementation status of each workflow.  

How can I have my project's workflows included in OpenHIE?  

Please notify anyone of the OpenHIE Architecture Review Board Deliverables, Members, and Responsibilities if you have a data exchange need that is not met with the current OHIE workflows or to suggest or propose a new workflow.  


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