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Use a Health Worker Registry (WHR) to report aggregate health worker information statistics to a Health Management Information Systems.  Source data may be disaggregated according to disaggregating code sets / terminologies such as:

  • provider type/cadre
  • district
  • facility
  • gender

When data is reported  to the HMIS the values of a reported disaggregating code set may need to be mapped to a different code set.   For example, a list of cadres used by a Ministry of Health may need to be mapped to the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) codes.

Sponsor:  Carl Leitner, Bob Jolliffe, HITRAC

Status:  Proposed 

Referenced Standards and APIs:

Last Modified:  18/02/2014


  • IL = Interoperability Layer to handle data governance and security issues, CSD Services Finder
  • HMIS = Health Management Information System, Aggregate Data Warehouse, DHIS2/Resource Map.  May also be a Health Workforce Observatory
  • HWR =  Health Worker Registry HWR acting as CSD InfoManager
  • TS = Terminology Service


Issues To Resolve:

  • No standard for posting data to HMIS



The following are preconditions

  • The disaggregation terminologies used for reporting should be a part of the DSD for the reporting jurisdiction.
  • As a precondition to the workflow, the reported terminologies used for disaggregation need to be mapped  on the terminologies required for reporting.   The following is an illustrative workflow on how this might be accomplished assuming that the Health Worker Registry is responsible for the management of the reported disaggregation terminologies and that the Health Management Information System is responsible for the management of the reporting disaggregation terminologies.






RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification