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This is a draft


Description: A case report from an external system is sent to the HIE to be incorporated into the SHR.

Sponsor:  Regenstrief Institute

Status:  proposed

Last Modified:  19-July-2018

Referenced Standards and APIs:

  • CDA documents profiled by IHE PCC as the clinical data

Assumptions and prerequisites

  • Patient has been registered in the external system (EMR) and in the registration is also in the HIE CR.  
  • Facility exists in the FR 
  • Health workers exist in the HWR 
  • Terminologies are aligned between reporting system(s) and the HIE


  • External System - The point of service system like an EMR that is used to capture patient data.  
  • IL - Mediates the transactions between the PoS system and the infrastructure services to facilitate easier interoperability.
  • HWR
  • CR - The source of truth for patient demographic and identifier detail. It is able to be queried using an identifier to find the enterprise identifier for a particular person.
  • FR - The source of truth for facility information. It is able to be queried for details about a particular facility by ID.
  • TS -  
  • SHR - Stored patients clinical information. It is able to receive and store a patient clinical documents.


Technical details

RefInteractionEndpointDataTransaction Specification
1Submit case reportILThe PoS submits a CDA document to the IL, the CDA document is wrapped inside an XDS soap envelope, the message is optimized with MTOM /XOP.IHE ITI TF-3
2Get patient from CR by identifierCR

The message is channeled through the XDS mediator which queries the CR for the patient's enterprise identifier so as to enrich the document by adding it.


Communication between the mediator and CR is over MLLP

3Get provider from HWR by identifierHWR  
4Get location from FR by identifierFR  
5Validate terminologiesTS  
6Send case report to the SHRSHRThe mediator forwards the message to the SHR after enriching it, the SHR saves the document in its document store, extracts the discreet data from the enclosed CDA document and saves it.IHE ITI TF-3