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Planning Committee Members

Paul Biondich - pbiondic@regenstrief.org

Amanda BenDor - abendor@path.org 

Steven Wanyee - swanyee@intellisoftkenya.com

Carl Fourie- carl@jembi.org 

Chris Seebregts - chris@jembi.org

Scott Teesdale - steesdale@instedd.org

Jonathan Metzger- jonathan_metzger@jsi.com

Niamh Darcy - ndarcy@rti.org

Vikas Dwivedi - vikas_dwivedi@jsi.com

Alpha Nnsaghurwe - nalpha@tz.jsi.com

Emily Nicholson - enicholson@intrahealth.org

Auson Kisanga - akisanga@intrahealth.org

Derek Ritz - derek.ritz@ecgroupinc.com

Dykki Settle - dsettle@path.org

Henry Mwanyika - hmwanyika@path.org

Carl Leitner - cleitner@path.org

Elaine Baker - ebaker@path.org

Walter Ndesanjo  - walter@moh.go.tz 

Jonathan Mpango - jmpango@musph.ac.ug

Michelle Cox - miclcox@regenstrief.org




Zahra Lutfeali - zalutfeali@path.org

Christine Kakos - ckakos@path.org

Kelly Fallt - kfallt@path.org

Ashley Bennett - abennett@path.org 

Makune Mayenga - mmayenga@path.org

Laurie Werner - lwerner@path.org

Eden Tarimo - etarimo@path.org

Maguette Ndong - mndong@path.org

Emma Nicodemus - ekomugisha@path.org

Oswald Luoga - oluoga@path.org

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