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  • OpenLMIS v3 - TZ Facility Registry with mCSD
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This page documents the Connect-A-Thon project to connect OpenLMIS version 3 to the Tanzania Facility Registry using the mCSD profile.

Goal: The goal of this project is to develop tools that support the integration of Supply Chain locations with Facilities that are in an existing Facility Registry using the mCSD profile.

Scope: We will focus on mapping locations between the Tanzania Facility Registry and a CSV export from eLMIS, for the Dar-es-salaam district. 


  • Export a CSV file of locations from eLMIS for testing purposes. This export will include the geographic levels, zones and locations in the Dar-es-salaam district. Note: This CSV is sensitive information and is only available to participants during the connect-a-thon
  • Stand-up a sandbox environment of the Tanzania HIE (Facility Registry, ILR and HIM)
  • Stand-up a sandbox environment of OpenLMIS v3
  • Connect GOFR to the Tanzania HIE Sandbox environment and map locations in the district
  • Import that mapping into the ILR
  • Develop a Health Information Mediator for OpenHIM that performs the business logic and workflows outlined below
  • Demonstrate the two scenarios:
    • OpenLMIS v3 acts as a slave to the information in the ILR
    • OpenLMIS v3 acts as a master (producer) of locations consumed by the ILR

Workflow 1

 WebSequenceDiagram Code

title Workflow 1: ILR is the master and OLMIS is the slave

HIM->HIM: Trigger
HIM->ILR: Pull Facility Updates
ILR->HIM: Return List of Facilities
HIM->OLMIS: Put/POST Facilities
OLMIS->OLMIS: Store locations and generate code
OLMIS->HIM: Return code
HIM->ILR: Post OLMIS code

Workflow 2

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title Workflow 2: OLMIS is a producer of location information

HIM->HIM: Trigger
HIM->OLMIS: GET updates from api/locations
OLMIS->HIM: Response
HIM->ILR: Put/POST Facilities

Digital Assets

Access Required

  • Testing environment for the HFR of TZ (MOH is the contact)
  • eLMIS facility list export (MOH is the contact)


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