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The Technical Committee is responsible for developing and implementing OpenHIE’s architecture roadmap and curating resources that support country implementations based on OpenHIE’s framework.

Member Goals and Responsibilities

Technical Committee members have a number of responsibilities within the Community. The list below is shared by members;

  1. Seeks feedback and input from community members through Architecture & Standards community meetings, communication forums and other community conversations 
    1. Cultivate community input and feedback used to create and manage architectural community artifacts that reflect exchange architectures and practices  
    2. Gather feedback and input on community artifact needs and gaps 
  2. Leads the community to develop consensus on documentation of real world architecture patterns and standards 
    1. Synthesize identified updates/changes to documentation presented in other meetings
    2. Determine artifact frameworks/ formats and ensure community consensus on data exchange practices is documented 
  3. Advises and contributes to the generation and curation of community content and pulling in content from other subcommunities 
  4. Based upon community needs and input, articulate and manage an architecture roadmap 
    1. Encourage, oversee and manage artifact creation and updates
    2. Work with the community to prioritize artifact creation, updates and changes 
  5. Empower and champion application and use of standards in real world settings 
    1. Facilitate engagement with standards organizations concerning gaps in data exchange standards identities by countries and implementation teams 
  6. Establish processes for communicating software alignment with OpenHIE architecture and data exchange


Charter Outline:

Table of Contents


Steering Committee Members


Meeting Schedule:

  • Wednesday, January 12, 2022 
  • Wednesday, April 13, 2022
  • Wednesday, July 13, 2022
    • January 27 @ 10 am ET
    • February 24 @ 11 am ET
    • March 31 @ 10 am ET
    • April 10 @ 11 am ET
    • May 26 @ 10 am ET
    • June 30 @ 10 am ET
    • July 28 @ 10 am ET
    • August 25 @ 11 am ET
    • September 29 @ 10 am ET
    • October 27 @ 11 am ET

    Technical Committee Running Notes

    Wednesday, October 12, 2022


    Membership and Organization

    • Representatives must demonstrate historical contributions to the community and ongoing commitment to OpenHIE
    • Members are recommended, nominated and voted on by current members
    • Membership will be reviewed on a yearly basis, to ensure it is diverse in its representation: 
      • Membership is recommended to include 3-5 total advocates and/or experts to provide leadership and expertise on: 
        • Standards  
        • Architecture  
        • HIE and architecture component implementation  
      • Other members include 2-3 members to provide leadership and expertise on: 
        • Project management and coordination
    • The committee is chaired by the secretariat, Regenstrief Institute


    The Technical Committee meets on a monthly cadence with exceptions for holidays and key community-wide events.

    Decision Making Process

    Technical Committee Members will build consensus amongst the team based upon engagement and feedback from the experience of the implementations in the broader community.  When consensus cannot be reached, the committee will seek ways to honor multiple viable approaches or note other thinking in documentation.