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titleMeet Our Endorsers

What is an OpenHIE Endorser?

An OpenHIE Endorser is an organization or agency that supports the OpenHIE mission, vision, and values. While Endorsers do not provide direct leadership they support the community as champions to help achieve its goals in solidarity with our focus populations. For example, Endorsers may share the notion of a community of practice and the power it has to move sustainable global health goals forward. In return, the community serves as a milieu that advances Endorsers knowledge/experience, collaboration opportunities, and reputation within the global health informatics community.

Why does OpenHIE have an Endorser program?

The Endorser program is meant to bring together organizational champions of data exchange in support of OpenHIE community members and their global health projects focused on HIE architecture frameworks and standards under the community of practice structure of knowledge sharing.

What are the benefits of


serving as an Endorser?

Successful participants within the community describe many benefits of endorsing OpenHIE:  

  • Awareness of funding organization priorities
  • Opportunities to align with funders to ensure less project/budget overlap
  • Understand community strategy and goals;
    • Learn about and support emerging country/stakeholder HIE initiatives through participation
    • Aid in decision making around resources to support impacts in the areas of health care/aid/etc
    • See viable patterns and tools that would best position supporting programs to achieve success
  • Give feedback on community activities
  • Promotion of your organization or agency on the OHIE website as an endorser of OpenHIE
  • Opportunity to be featured in blogs, develop thought pieces and participate in OpenHIE forums

Become an OpenHIE Endorser

 You will:

... showcase the community of support, the existing knowledge, and where we’ve had success before

... showcase how common architecture and design can bridge between vertical programs, how this is a pattern for information systems that supports sustainability

... showcase how OpenHIE has been used/implemented to impact health objectives and outcomes as well as how OpenHIE can contribute to improved health outcomes etc

... endorse the use of standards for data sharing across HIE frameworks

... serve as OpenHIE Community supporters and ambassadors through the digital health ecosystem 

... be provided opportunities to hear what the OHIE leadership committees are planning, learn about priorities from the Community and provide feedback and advice. 


  1. Conversation with OHIE Secretariat or Working Committee Member(s).
  2. Submit (via form)
    1. Name of org
    2. Contact
    3. Logo
    4. Quote for the website. 

*If your team would like to collaborate with the OpenHIE communications team on blog posts and cross promotions, please contact Kasey Upchurch (

Your Experience. Check-ins:

  • You will touch base with the OHIE Secretariat or Working Committee Member(s)on an annual basis to discuss your experience and commitment. 
  • You will recommit your endorsement with OpenHIE annually.