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 Q1 (Jan-Mar)Q2 (Apr-Jun)Q3 (Jul-Sep)Q4 (Oct-Dec)
Reference application development

Version 3.4.0 released on 23rd March

This is a new minor release of the OpenHIM. This release contains the following:

  • Large transaction that are updated via the API can now be truncated
  • Fix some weird numbers in transaction reporting
  • Node v4 and above in now required
  • Conflict detection between clients and role names
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

See a full list of changes here.




Version 4.0.0.due for release before end of December2017

This minor OpenHIM release will contain:

  • Update node to version 9
  • Update Travis autodeploy
  • Remove unnecessary dependencies that broke with Node upgrade
  • Add HTTP Channel type method selector feature
  • Add Audit-trail for changes to the endpoints
Documentation   Version 4.0.0. documentation due for release on Readthedocs before the end of December 2017. This will include updated and expanded Implementers Guide and Specifications.


 Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2014Q2 (Apr-Jun) 2014Q3 (Jul-Sep) 2014Q4 (Oct-Dec) 2014
Workflow development
  • Discuss and design the ICP interaction workflow
  • What does the IL need to do for OpenHIE version 1
  • Discuss and design the ICP interaction workflow (see ICP white paper)
  • Alerting transaction - triggered by ICP perhaps
  • Should the arch decouple the content to the transport
Reference application development
  • Refine OpenHIM core engine
  • Refine OpenHIM web management console
  • Develop mediator plug-in architecture
  • Develop mediator base scaffolding
  • Update save encounter mediator
  • Build support for secure sockets in the reference application
Laboratory testing of workflow / reference application



  • Begin deploying new OpenHIM core to RHIE preprod and other RSA work preprod
  • Deploy to OpenHIE demo server