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  • Interface development
  • OpenHIM Mediators

  • Working with standards
  • Core Workflows (fit for purpose, standards compliant)


OpenHIE Assumptions

There are a few key assumptions that are made when considering OpenHIE. (( Help us build these out and write them out to why they are impactful and how to mitigate them ))

  • Connectivity between Point of Care (PoC) and HIE: 
    • To leverage the full functionality of the OpenHIE a constant connection is preferable. Store and forward and asynchronous options are implementable and need to be discussed as to how to best leverage these
    • The PoC system must adopt the appropriate standards to function with the HIE or must go through a mediator system that translates their programming interfaces to standardized requests. These standards are identified in the OpenHIE workflows.
  • Infrastructure Ownership
    • (( Someone needs to own the OpenHIE infrastructure. We assume maximum benefit for all parties working in a given context would be a single HIE with multiple contributors. Is this a valid assumption? Do we have field implementations out there that have a single owner of the HIE and different organizations contributing data. ))
  • Data Access
    • OpenHIE assumes that all data is accessed through the Interoperability Layer. Direct access to an infrastructure component defeats the purpose of the HIE. As we build out a particular component, PoC and Infrastructure systems must ensure that the IL is the only route of access. This comes up when a point-to-point feature is developed between a PoC and Infrastructure system outside of the OpenHIE context. We hope development teams keep the applicability of standards in the OpenHIE context as they build out features.
    • We assume that data in the HIE is a public good, available to any PoC team wishing to participate in the HIE. With that said, patients should be able to opt-out of sharing their information with other providers who access the HIE. (There's a good discussion on this topic in the IL mailing list see attachments)
    • (( Should we assume that accessing the HIE also requires posting data to the HIE? i.e. two way interaction ))
    • (( Should we assume that accessing the HIE is an opt-in from the PoC provider? If it's mandated by a government, what burden does that place on the provider? What incentives are there to contribute? ))
  • Record Modification
    • (( Should we assume that anyone who has access to POST data to openHIE has the capability to modify the records? Are there standard checks and balances when putting data into the HIE? What should we assume from the PoC perspective ))
  • Error Management SOPs and workflows