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What is an OpenHIE Partner Organization (OPO)?

The term “OpenHIE Partner Organization” (OPO) is an organization actively participating in the OpenHIE Community and has a demonstrated interest in driving the OpenHIE mission, vision, and values.  OPOs actively invest their time into helping the OpenHIE Community sustainably achieve its goals in solidarity with our focus populations.  For example, organizations in the community may take on roles around standards development, implementation support, software application support, etc.  In return, the community serves as a milieu that advances the OPO organization’s knowledge/experience, collaboration opportunities, and reputation within the global health informatics community.

Why does OpenHIE have an OPO program?

To empower a consortium of organizations to advance OpenHIE’s core mission within a rapidly growing community of practice.  By becoming an OPO, any organization can contribute to the digital transformation of health systems as part of a community mission that hopefully aligns with the mission of your organization.

What are the benefits of serving as an OPO?

Those organizations that are successful participants within the community describe many benefits of participation:  


    • Opportunity to identify new collaborators within the community and through partner connections achieve global impact in digital health and use of health data to achieve country health goals.
    • Help advance the direction of the OpenHIE community by helping iterate the OpenHIE community strategic plan.
    • Influence specific reference technology considerations and help address issues within the OpenHIE Architecture, through commitment to OpenHIE Architecture Principles 


    • Your organization can directly contribute to the OpenHIE mission by helping support the community and its members.
    • Learn about and support emerging country/stakeholder HIE initiatives through participation
    • Identify and team up with other OPOs (where appropriate) on business development and implementation opportunities


    • Listed on landing and OpenHIE Partnering Organizations page, with an opportunity to create a profile of organizational capabilities 
    • Showcasing the work of OPOs and the country stakeholders they support through OpenHIE community communications channels 
    • Featured blogs, thought-pieces, and cross-promotion of your organization’s work through OpenHIE communications platforms (website, wiki, discourse, webinars, social media) 
    • Present/participate at conferences, webinars, and other public-facing events

Become an OpenHIE Partner Organization (OPO)

 You will:

... serve as exemplars of OpenHIE’s mission, vision and values

... share or encourage sharing of country implementation activities

... serve as community ambassadors through the digital health ecosystem and encourage a broader representation in OpenHIE processes

... assist in developing materials for OpenHIE scenarios and workflows to be shared

... assist secretariat and committees in prioritizing activities within the larger OpenHIE community roadmap

... assist in the success of virtual and in person community (subcommunity and working group) events


  1. Express interest in the partnership program via the virtual forum - POST INTEREST HERE

  2. A member of the OHIE Secretariat of Operational Committee will reach out to setup an call to discuss your desired role within the OpenHIE Community. 

  3. After your introductory call, the OHIE Secretariat will instruct you to submit information (via form)
    1. A statement of support 
    2. Your logo
    3. Mail point of contact
    4. Sign agreement

  4. Your application will be shared with the Operational Committee for approval. You may be asked for more information during the review process. 

  5. Approved partners will be contacted by the OHIE Secretariat. They will provide you with copy of your partner page and ask for your input/review. 

  6. Your partnership will be announced to the OpenHIE Community!

Your Experience. Check-ins:

  • The OHIE Secretariat or Operational Committee Member(s) will touch base with you on an annual basis to discuss your experience and commitment.
  • They will ask if you would like to make any changes to your Partner Page on the website.
  • They will ask if OpenHIE can feature you in an impact story, blog or other piece to share with the community. 
  • You will re-sign your Endorsement agreement every three years.