This is a place to capture implementation notes concerning the projects that the OpenHIE and DUC Communities are hearing about.  The information is captured based upon the information that was understood at the time of capture. We know it is not perfect, but the intent is to help provide an idea of what is going on in the field.  We welcome your additions/ changes / updates. You must be logged into add to or update the log and revisions are being tracked.  The projects may be sorted by clicking on the column headings.  

COUNTRY (where is the implementation happening) PROJECT NAMEUSE CASE / GOALS (What is the project trying to accomplish) SCALESTATUSPROJECT ORGANIZATIONS (who is involved)Last Updated  (Date or reference to where this project was mentioned) NOTES and additional details.  (May include Data Exchanges, technologies and other details)Does the project team need OpenHIE assistance?
GambiaOpenIMIS Implementation

GIZ2024-04-03 OHIN Call

TanzaniaOpenIMIS Implementation

GIZ2024-04-03 OHIN Call

OpenIMIS linked with the payment system and medical report systems.  Also linkage with DHIS2 and dashboards. 

CameroonOpenIMIS implementation

Community-based micro UHC 

95 facilities piloting OpenIMISPilotingGIZ, SwissTPH, others2024-04-03 OHIN Call

OpenIMIS linked to EMRs.  



2024-03-27 Patient ID Mgmt Collaborative Session


BotswanaPatient Identity Managemnt

Identify patients across facilities

2024-03-27 Patient ID Mgmt Collaborative Session

Using multiple IDs in a CLIENT REGISTRY (OpenCR) and working through national registries to identify a patient.  

Multiple (Central America and the Dominican Republic)Cross-Border Epidemiological SurveillanceCross-border epi surveillance to support migration across countries.  
InitiativeSICA / COMISCA, Ministries of Health, Goverment of Korea2023-08-03 OHIN CallChallenges include governance, human interoperability and diversity of systems across the countries.  
Multiple (Argentina, Belize, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay)LACPassTraining people in standards (HL7 / FHIR) 

Two conectathon to to test the cross-border interoperability for  vaccine certificates and the IPS.

IDB, Ministries of Health, PAHO, CENS2023-08-03 OHIN CallAdopted and adopting SNOMED CT and HL7 FHIR
BrazilDataSUSCreated a national repository of health data for the MOH.  They have a platform of services that allows users to consume the data based upon needs.  Have data governance.  Enables sharing of information about vaccines and other data in real time.  Also supports survellience from both public and private providers.  


ProductionMinistry of Health2023-08-03 OHIN CallUse of OpenSource technologies and standards.  
Terminology and alignment on data standards.  The health system is fragmented with both private and national providers.  Created definitions and promoted national terminology and standards across both the public and private sector.  


ProductionMinistry of Health of the Nation, healthcare providers2023-08-03 OHIN Call


UruguayNational EHRNational architecture for federated systems.  Includes private sector and other health organizations.  

AGESIC / Salud.Uy, Ministry of Health, healthcare providers2023-08-03 OHIN Call


Costa Rica(EDUS) Unique Digital Health Records 2016-2018 worked on capturing electronic records in hospitals and deployment of apps to support patient access to appointments, vaccine certificates and medical records.  This helped solve the data collection layer. 

Costa Rican Social Security2023-08-03 OHIN Call

ZimbabwePatient Identity Project using a deduplication process.  A national identifier is not used for health. There is an id number generated by the system and given to the patient.   The ministry would like to be able to connect all of the facilities together.  One challenge is that many patients are nomadic.  
Use Cases:  Continuity of care and Public health management.  

Currently have "online" facilities that can push data to the central repository in real time.  Approximately have progressed to have 20% online.  Also have "offline" facilities that share data, but not in realtime. 
Currently most facilities are "offline." 
Zim-TTech. I-Tech, Vital Wave, and Ministry of Health2023-07-26 Patient ID Mgmt Collaborative Session

EMRs connect to a central repository through an INTEROPERABILITY LAYER.  Have CLIENT REGISTRY TERMINOLOGY SERVICE (OCL) and a SHR.  
Using biometrics (fingerprints and iris)

For matching the team is using a probabilistic algorithm and using multiple mixture of attributes with different weighting.   

RwandaRwanda Health Information ExchangeOne citizen, one request.  
Had solutions based upon TB, HIV, Malaria and the solutions were diverse and Rwanda is looking a ways to take a patient viewpoint and ensuring that the data is connected.  

The shared health record is updated on a regular basis to ensure that the patient's comprehensive information is available to other systems.  

Pilot stage for connecting EMRs

Have onboarded 65 health facilities

2023-07-20 Facility Registry Call

 - Have documented the interoperability standards that they are planning to use for imaging and other standards.  

 - Using a CLIENT REGISTRY and all of the EMRs are connected to the interoperability layer.  
 - Using a FACILITY REGISTRY to align on facility name.  Planning for all of the systems to use the facility registry to align on names.  

- also using a shared health record


KenyaSMART Guidelines standalone app
Intellisoft, CDC, GoogleOHIE23 E2 Unconference Session

UgandaLab and Hospital system integrationNeed to use OpenHIIM for integrating lab systems
3 hospital management systems are being connectedMOHOpenHIE23

Using OpenHIM ( INTEROPERABILITY LAYER) to connect with Lab systems and had to integrate the the sample tracking component that links the data to a central lab where people can log in and get their results

IndonesiaCHISUOpenHIM as a generic FHIR converter

USAID, Jembi, OpenHIE23

Created an OpenHIM mediator (INTEROPERABILITY LAYER)

MalawiIHRIS / Health Worker Registry

In ProgressMOHOpenHIE23



In ProgressMOHOpenHIE23Capture trade items and use GS1 standards.  


Putting terminology into the system and used for mapping between DHIS2 and OpenIMIS




Presented at OHIE23
Includes facility details 
Used in the integration with other systems to map facilities 

EthiopiaNational IDPatient identity using biometricsNationalStartingMekelle University, MOH, Gondar2023-05-01 (OHIE23 Day 1)Uses eCHIS and SimprintGovernance documents, connecting infrastructure via VPN,
Nigeria National Biometrics CollaborativeCapture Fingerprints to assist with patient IdentityHIV program 85% of patients are captured
PHIS32023-04-26 Patient ID Mgmt Collaborative SessionWorking on FHIR support for APIs.  Also have experience sharing data with DHIS2, EMRs and Labs.  
Nigeria National Concept dictionary 

2023-04-07 Terminology Service Call

PhilippineseHealth Strategy PhilippinesBlueprint / Architecture 


Published Ministry of Health2023-03-29 OHIN Call

TanzaniaTanzania BlueprintBlueprint / Architecture 


Published Ministry of Health2023-03-29 OHIN Call

Sri LankaSri Lanka Digital Health Blueprint (V1.0b)Blueprint / Architecture 


Published Ministry of Health2023-03-29 OHIN Call


Master Patient Index (DDE) Patient Matching 

For case reporting from a central repository

around 170 sites
Ministry of Health EGPAF2023-03-29 Patient ID Mgmt Collaborative Session
  • DDE is built on top of Ruby on Rails.
  • FHIR standards.
  • Offline first architecture. 
  • Produces a pre-generated non-identifiable patient ID for every client. These IDs are physically printed as barcodes and placed as stickers on the patient's Health Passport.
  • Currently 6 million unique clients registered.

Haiti Haiti Master Patient Index (Client Registry)

Lost to follow up 

patient transfer 


Uses patient look up to avoid duplication of patients

PILOTThe initial scale for the pilot is for a specific EMR to a central repository.  Aligning terminologies to move toward support for other EMRs.  

Pilot (two sites to start and learn about infrastructure and needs) DIGI2023-03-29 Patient ID Mgmt Collaborative Session - Using FHIR standards including PIXm and PDQm
 - Integrates with a fingerprint registry
 - focus on integration between an EMR (Esante Plus, an OMRS Haiti implementation) and a client registry 

Mozambiqueinteroperability solutioninteroperability solution between the national Civil Registration and Vital Statistics electronic system (eSiRCEV) and the Vital Events Community Surveillance system (SIS-COVE) of the National Institute of Health (INS) of Mozambique.
ImplementingThe Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs of Mozambique with technical support from the Jembi Mozambique2023/03 Jembi Mozambique Newsletter #7/2023 
UgandaDifferentiated Service Delivery Models in UgandaEMR to Decongest Facilities (EMR for DSDM) Need to better understand the number of people being served by a facility and treat in the community where possible.  60+ pharmacies

42K patients / 60 facilities
ImplementingMinistry of Health, Makerere University School of Public Health, CDC, Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support (METS) Program, University of California San Francisco2023-03-09 Treatment Continuity (DUC Meeting)


Data is also synchronized from the Mobile to the EMR  and there is another use case where data is synced with the central repository

MalawiCommunity-based ART Retention and Suppression (CARES) App Community EMR app to collect the same data as the EMR on community visits 
TestingLighthouse Trust,  I-Tech Malawi, Comcare2023-03-09 Treatment Continuity (DUC Meeting)

Comcare application with ability to send and receive data from the EMR 

Planning to add hypertension model in the future.  

Lao People's Democratic RepublicGeoPrism Registry

Interlinking systems (like OpenHIE registries) by common geographies for the correct periods of time. HEALTH WORKER REGISTRY FACILITY REGISTRY

GeoPrism Registry uses the GeoPrism spatial knowledge graph dependency management framework



TerraFrame, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Health GeoLab Hub, Vital Wave2023-03-23 Facility Registry Call (Presentation - see recording and notes) 
2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

FHIR, GeoJSON, VectorTiles

Direct integration with DHIS2 and Reveal.


MozambiqueGeoPrism Registry

Interlinking systems (like OpenHIE registries) by common geographies for the correct periods of time. HEALTH WORKER REGISTRY FACILITY REGISTRY

GeoPrism Registry uses the GeoPrism spatial knowledge graph dependency management framework



TerraFrame, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Health GeoLab Hub2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

FHIR, GeoJSON, VectorTiles

Direct integration with DHIS2 and Reveal.

Sri LankaInformation ExchangeInteroperability between HMIS and OpenMRS.  Working on implementing FHIR standard


ImplementingMinistry of Health 2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards CallHapiFHIR 
KenyaThe Local Health System Sustainability Project - Cross Border Digital Health SolutionPatient Identity for reporting


PILOT (scope to rest of EAC countries)

DevelopmentIntelliSOFT Consulting2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

OpenHIM and EMR


Standards : FHIR / Client Registry / OCL Terminology Services: CIEL / OCL

S/W solution: OpenMRS, DHIS2

UgandaThe Local Health System Sustainability Project - Cross Border Digital Health SolutionTracking patients along the border of Kenya and Uganda.  Patient Identity for reporting


PILOT(scope to rest of EAC countries)

DevelopmentIntelliSOFT Consulting2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

OpenHIM and EMR


Standards : FHIR / Client Registry / OCL Terminology Services: CIEL / OCL

S/W solution: OpenMRS, DHIS2

Multiple CountriesPSI Digital Health consumer interventionsConsumer app to drive consumers to facilities for interventions (referral app) 

PSI 2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

 RapidPro/WFA>OpenHIM > HapiFHIR > NiFi > Postgres > Superset

OpenHIM/ HapiFHIR/ WA/ SMS /FBM/ Superset/ PBI

Multiple CountriesTraining / Capacity Building OHIE Certificate reimbursement program - OHIE session in AeHIN General Meeting (Indonesia Oct 2023)
PlanningAeHIN2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

PhilippinesTraining / Capacity Building promote OHIE Academy as free training for DOH and PHIC staffers, general public - encourage DOH/PHIC to look for OHIE certificate for employments - offer Virtual Instructor-led Training  (on - offer face-to-face training (on

UP Manila - Standards & Interoperability  Lab (UPM-SILab)2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

Applying WHO SMART Guidelines for FHIR profiles/IG development (eg, viral hepatitis, liver diseases, etc)

connectathon among EMR developers using the FHIR profiles with DOH/PHIC/WHO observing

Sri LankaDebt2HealthBreaking silos between hospitals.  Created a Digital health bluepriint and NDC health care and TB EHR


DevelopmentGlobal Fund2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards CallCR and other building blocks are being put in place as well as a client portal. Also looking at OCL.   

OpenMRS based EMR for Primary Healthcare cluster

Asian Development Bank (ADB)2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Callconnectathon among EMR developers using the FHIR profiles with DOH/PHIC/WHO observing
Multiple CountriesAeHIN Community of Interoperability Labs (COIL)Demonstration of syndicated TS between Region and PH ontoserver (eg, medications)

2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards CallRegional Terminology Server ontoserver (c/o SIL-Thailand) - Regional Terminology Server ontoserver (c/o SIL-Thailand) - National TS ontoserver  (c/o UPM-SILab)

WSO2 based Interoperability layer OCLTS OpenMRS based cluster EMR Sunbird based PR

2023-02-24 OHIE Architecture & Standards Call

Ethiopia, Chile, Malawi?Terminology Service Implementation


MaintenanceCENS (Chile)TS Implementer Series: Chile

KenyaTerminology Service ImplementationNational Health Data Dictionary


Early implementation, work ongoing


University of Nairobi

NigeriaOpenMRS 3.X and OCL Terminology Service Implementation



Sri LankaOCL Terminology Service Implementation

StartedMOH Sri Lanka

N/AOpenMRS ANC Reference ImplementationOpenMRS is implementing ANC SMART Guidelines to do things like Decision Support





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