Welcome to the Health Management Information System Community!

The Health Management Information System (HMIS) community was organized to lead the development and deployment of open-source technologies to better manage health information thus providing better patient care.

Our vision is that HMIS software can facilitate the collection of data from a variety of information systems and the effective use of information at facility, district and higher levels to help improve healthcare outcomes. We promote the development of free and open source software tools that are able to integrate data from a variety of electronic and non-electronic sources of health information in a manner that best aligns with the vision, needs and capacity of the public health sector in countries and other implementing organizations.

The mission of the OpenHIE HMIS community is to support and further develop standard practices for achieving sustainable interoperability between health management information systems in an efficient and practical manner. Our aim is to make a wide range of information available to empower communities, health workers and decision makers to improve the overall coverage, quality and efficiency of healthcare services.

Some HMIS implementers will require a standalone system, and others will require a system that interfaces with OpenHIE and other components to provide a variety of services. This can best be served by HMIS software that is flexible and versatile enough for optimal deployment in either scenario

Our Values

Our approach is based on free and open source software.

Participation and transparency
We are open to new ideas from many countries and cultures, and consult freely and widely with any interested in our mission.

We look for ways to promote the interoperation of HMIS software with other systems where they bring added value to HMIS users. Interoperating with other systems is growing in importance as other systems develop in their ability and usefulness to produce and consume healthcare information.

We seek standardization of best practices, and standardization of software interoperation that allows best-of-breed systems to interoperate interchangeably, bringing flexibility and adaptability to the users.

We seek solutions to specific problems that bring configurable solutions to address a wide range of needs.

We seek to match solutions to the needs and resources available, without squandering resources that could best be used in other ways to improve healthcare.

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Reference Solutions

DHIS2 is an OpenHIE HMIS reference solution.

OHIE Reference Technologies

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