Laboratories are a pillar of any care, treatment, and prevention program and the data they generate are critical for clinical decision making, disease screening, monitoring, blood safety and surveillance. 

Good laboratory practice (GLP) and standards-based laboratory accreditation requires a laboratory to utilize a standardized system to collect, analyze, report, and store laboratory data, such as using an electronic lab information system (LIS/LIMS).  For optimal patient outcomes and population health, data generated by these laboratories must be shared throughout the enterprise health (eHealth) architecture and ecosystem in a timely and reliable manner.

This LIS community will offer a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration around LIS/LIMS to support:  

  • coordination efforts and transparency into several widely-used mature open source products,
  • understanding the use cases each of these LIS products serves,
  • gathering best practices and guidelines for implementation, data exchange and data use of LIS data, and
  • development of additional high value LIS functions and features (especially components that may not be currently addressed in the landscape).

Share Your LIS/LIMS Project!

If you are interested in sharing your work in a webinar to the community or facilitating a topic (or having us facilitate one that you're interested in), please contact the LIS COP leads, Casey Iiams-Hauser  and Rufus Nyaga 

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    1. Hi, Nice to meet u

  1. This is a nice move.

    There is a lot to be done in laboratory information systems like data standardization, lab data exchange among facilities and regional laboratories and the likes.


  2. Am currently working for a Lab Innovation project and LISs are just too messy, I look forward to this discussion as it unfolds.

  3. I am working on implementation of LIS in laboratories. However data exchange with other information systems e.g.  clinical information systems is still work in progress. This is a great forum to discuss these issues.

  4. There will be an OHIE-LIS call next week focusing on what folks are doing with LIS/LIMS for responding for COVID-19, what is needed and where the gaps are, and what we might consider as a community for sharing lessons, code, etc. I would suggest people join and bring topics they would like to hear on future calls or post them to Discourse -

  5. Hello everyone, just starting to study this field of expertice, and very excited!