URL Pattern

(Ryan:) I have through around this a bit and I have been thinking of something even simpler. Just proxying requests with a specific URL pattern (say /api/providerregistry/*) and sending them to a specific configured domain service (so in this example the provider registry). So basically just acting as a proxy to the domain services.

More advanced options

(Carl:) While URL pattern matching would certainly work for me, and while I don't have any particular preference, I do think it is worthwhile to look at existing standards for making all these services known and to keep the software components as "pluggable" as possible.
I know WSDL has a bit extra overhead, but it may be worthwhile as consideration.  Perhaps it's time for a spreadsheet to compare the pros/cons of different options e.g:
  • URL pattern matching
  • WSDL 1.1
  • WSDL 2.0
  • WADL
  • any others?
against something like:
  • existing libraries (Java, Python, PHP, etc)
  • related security models/access control mechanisms
  • supported "transport" mechanisms
    • proxy/pass-through
    • support for REST verbs
  • compatibility with proposed inter-operabiltiy layer architecture
  • compatibility with other IHE profiles
  • etc.

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