The interoperability layer should provide a number of common services to the component systems of an HIE. This page lists the services that should be provided and shows the ordering in which they will be developed in the reference application, the OpenHIM:

Phase 1

  • OpenHIM-core
    • Web service router - router request to the correct orchestrator or registry
    • Web service authentication - a choice of basic auth or mutual TLS, or both
    • Web service authorisation - determines if an application making a request is authorised to do so

Phase 2

  • OpenHIM web user interface - provides a management and monitoring user interface for the OpenHIM

Phase 3

  • Document based save encounter workflow
  • Document based query encounter workflow

Phase 4

  • Standardised audit trail logging

Phase 5

  • Single sign on component for human user of the registry applications - this includes only authentication and authorisation is left up to the registry application






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