Welcome to our SHR community

Welcome to the Shared Health Record Community

The OpenHIE Shared Health Record Community (OHIE-SHR) aims to enable the collection and storage of electronic health information about individual patients in a centralised repository which is capable of being shared across different healthcare settings. We provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing. 

We envision a world where systems for integrating, storing, sharing and managing complex clinical data are made less complex through collaborative communities and open software.

Our mission is to nurture, grow and sustain an open community of practice to discuss, document and design a shared health record as well as develop a reference software application that enables:

  • Storage of normalized data from disparate systems to eliminate redundancies and ensure data integrity;
  • Integrated storage of a longitudinal, person-centric electronic health record ;
  • Sharing of that data among disparate systems in order to support improved care delivery;
  • Improved access to good quality information for reporting and decision-making purposes

Our values

  • We seek to understand and address the functional requirements of our user community
  • We strive for simplicity over complexity in designing solutions
  • We value open community processes, including collaboration and transparency
  • We seek sustainable approaches to supporting both our community and the technology to ensure the longevity of our solutions
  • We aim to leverage the most relevant, appropriate and current message exchange standards.
  • We use the “adopt, adapt, develop” approach to inform our decision-making process for standards and technology
  • We strive to enable semantic interoperability
  • We are implementation-driven and aim to provide real solutions to real problems, particularly in low-resource settings

Technical Documentation - Our Tool

The Shared Health Record application developed by this community is OpenSHR, a tool based on OpenMRS and currently implemented in Rwanda as part of the RHIE.  

Plans for current development activities can be seen on the roadmap and all the supporting technical documentation is available here:

 Technical Documentation

    • Use cases and Requirements 
    • Architecture & Design discussions
    • Supported Workflows & Standards
    • Transaction and Message specifications 

RHIE Rwanda Health Information Exchange

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