This communications strategy looks at the objectives, methods for outreach, and what we want to share and with whom when it comes to the OpenHIE community and its architecture. 

This plan will be used for the next three years (2021-2024) as the OpenHIE community continues to increase support for countries and implementers beginning to implement HIE strategies.

This plan will be reviewed and used on an ongoing basis for communication plan needs, with reviews and recommendations/changes at the end of each year.


  • Share the purpose of OpenHIE (why it matters to stakeholders)
    • An active community that offers help when needed
  • News, updates, blogs
    • Availability of new resources and tools
Build Relationships / Community Building
  • Diversify funding sources - donors as one targeted audience (“why invest in health information exchange now? Why shouldn’t we wait to tackle that in 2025?”)
  • Showcasing OpenHIE implementations
  • Strengthen capacity/understanding of OpenHIE for stakeholders -- reducing the learning curve
  • Call to action for various OpenHIE Stakeholders
    • Donate/support 
    • Share experience, questions, solutions
    • Share eHealth strategy
    • Influence community direction
    • Participate in Academy
    • Join mailing list
    • Use community forum
  • Think about an eHealth strategy and a building block approach when it comes to HIE
  • Share experiences so others can learn and develop their eHealth strategies
What to Share

OpenHIE news and updates:

    • Standards Setting
    • Learning / Capacity Development
    • Implementation Support
    • Building Community

Featured Impact/Use Cases

Community Engagement Points: community forum, mailing list, wiki

Community Events

    • Implementers Network 
    • Annual Community Meeting

Campaign Management 


    • Key information and contact
    • Identify audience(s)
    • Identify medium(s) for outreach

Content Development

    • Develop message framework
    • Write content
    • Identify or create marketing materials and graphics
    • Reach out to contact for references or quotes
    • Review content


    • Secretariat will  use a communication calendar to track promotional communication campaign tasks

Mediums for Outreach

Our mediums for outreach communications span across websites, community forums, social media, and individual artifacts. Our infrastructure and strategy for all mediums can be found here.

Individual Communication Plans

Individual communication plans are drafted for projects that need to be marketed and are informed by the goals and mediums outlined in this communication strategy.


OpenHIE has many stakeholders, implementers, organizations, and initiatives that serve in different roles in the community. 


Over three years (2021-2024) track our infrastructure analytics to ensure that emails, web pages, and tweets are being read and engaged with, making changes where necessary. In addition to analytics, success can be determined if goals have been met to influence identified stakeholders to engage with OpenHIE, answering calls to action.

This work-in-progress document outlines the specific methods we will use for tracking analytics in the different communication mediums we support as well as lists the questions we would like to answer using analytics for each medium.


  1. Defining the value proposition around digital health to show HIE impacts in care - what is the bottom dollar benefit, ROI
  2. Member and public use of community forum
  3. Presenting all activities around focus areas to a wider audience


Our team will maintain a repository of ideas to contribute to the goals identified in this strategy. These ideas will be put into action as appropriate.


To best achieve the goals in this strategy recommendations for things to be added overtime can be made community members. Recommendations can derive from ideas mentioned in the section above to be made into actionable tasks. Please feel encouraged to post comments or suggestions in that document or in the comments section below.

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