What is an OpenHIE Community Meeting?

The first OpenHIE Community Meeting was held in Tanzania in 2018. The event is intended to directly support countries as they grapple with the many challenges inherent in driving large-scale health information-sharing architectures. We invite government officials, and the implementers and developers seeking to support them, to participate in this event.

Breaking it down a little more this event provides a unique opportunity for implementers to collaborate and improve their knowledge of OpenHIE, share examples of how OpenHIE models can be practically used, and to propose new priorities. As well, government leaders can come together and learn from each other about approaches to designing interoperable solutions as well as governance frameworks that have been applied for health system information exchange.

Why does this matter to you?

The OpenHIE Community works with Ministries of Health to help support and guide them in the planning for this event.  If hosting an event like this is something of intrest to your ministry and organization take a look at the event hosting criteria we’ve create as a guide.  Here are some key areas where you’ll be able to help plan the meeting; venue/hotel, invitations and registration, finance, coordinate agenda, publications and posters, hackonnect-a-thon, academy, transportation, entertainment, site visits, capturing lessons learned.

Whether you are hosting an OpenHIE Community Meeting or not its important to engage country leaders to participate in the event to share public health challenges and how health information exchange and data exchange could improve the health of their communties. So please share information as it comes out about OpenHIE events with those who we can all learn from and share knowledge with as well.

So who should attend?

  • Anyone new to the OpenHIE community who wants to connect with others who are interested in health information exchange
  • Ministry of Health and ICT Leaders who want to learn more about the governance structures around information exchange, architectures and data standards
  • Experienced OpenHIE community members and ICT implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others
  • Developers of related health and healthcare application software who want to learn more about standards and system interoperability

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