This documents the process for getting a video uploaded to the OpenHIE YouTube channel. OpenHIE is an open community of practice but administration of the YouTube channel is limited to Community Facilitators.

Step 1.

Create your reference video. When creating your video remember to slow your cadence so the audience can follow along and include your name, organization and that you are part of the OpenHIE community of practice at the beginning of the video. 

*Note: roles and organizations change over time so this will not be included in any branding of the video so in the content of the video is the only place where this will be mentioned.

Step 2. 

Review your video of audio or visual issues.

Step 3.

 Email video@ohie.org, subject “OHIE: YouTube Post for <couple word description>.” Include a blurb with the video title, description, any helpful links, presenter(s) name, and organization. 

*Note: do not attach your video to the email.

Step 4.

A Community Facilitator will receive a FreshDesk ticket with your request and respond in 48 hours with instructions for uploading your video to Box (our secure file sharing system).

Step 5.

Instructions will come from “noreply@box.com” (check your spam/junk folder) for uploading your video(s). Follow the instructions and once you have uploaded your video(s) Community Facilitators will be notified.

Step 6.

Community Facilitators will review video quality, audio and content to make sure it is suitable for the OpenHIE YouTube channel.  OpenHIE appropriate branding will be added to the video before it is uploaded. This will include at the least the OpenHIE logo, link to OpenHIE website, and asking people to subscribe or like the channel at the end of the video. 

*Note: If you have specific concerns about branding on your video add them to the “Description” under “File Properties”. Someone will be in contact if there is any questions.

Step 7.

 A Community Facilitator will post the video to YouTube and mention it on OpenHIE media, like https://twitter.com/OpenHIE and https://discourse.ohie.org.

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