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  • Facilitation of Connect-a-thon and Hack-a-thon activities

  • Mentorship and training for local and regional HIE architects, software developers and system administrators

  • Serve as a connection hub for different country and regional health enterprise architects to facilitate peer learning, mentorship, and exchange of success stories and lessons learned

  • Development of documentation and training materials and related knowledge management services for operationalizing OpenHIE and its components

  • Key topics that come up frequently include: Hosting (cloud, local ISP, MOH data centers), deployment, interoperability/integration, SOPs, SOA approach, Requirements gathering, sharing experiences from other implementations, how to keep a registry current

Next steps

  • email the leadership list to introduce yourself

  • See * this * list of communities
  •  Go to to introduce yourself and your thoughts on priorities for and engagement with OpenHIE from reading this document

  • Look at a list of our SUB and join a call to share your country-project-teams needs and opportunities