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  1. Document use cases and requirements for a Shared Health Record

    1. Status: Initial version completed, currently out for review
    2. Working Document(s):What is a Shared Health Record?
    3. Deadline(s):
      1. 7th May 2013 - Complete community discussions
      2. 21th May 2013 - Complete community document review, release version 1
  2. Performance test the current OpenMRS SHR used in RHEA

    1. Status: Completed, needs to be discussed with community
    2. Working Document(s):
      1. Performance evaluation of OpenMRS
      2. Estimated load figure for a Rwandan national deployment
    3. Deadline(s): none
  3. Create a tool to evaluate Shared Health Record software that is closely linked to the requirements

    1. Status: On-going, updated as requirements change
    2. Working Document(s):Shared Health Record Evaluation Tool
    3. Deadline(s): 24th May 2013 - Complete community review, release version 1
  4. Compile a list of software that could be used as a Shared Health Record

    1. Status: Not started but, some basic technologies are know
    2. Working Document(s):
    3. Deadline(s): 24th  31th May 2013 - Finalise list
  5. Evaluate list software options using the evaluation tool

    1. Status: Not started
    2. Working Document(s):
    3. Deadline(s): 7th  14th June 2013
  6. Write up results of the evaluation and come to consensus on a recommended way forward (ie. Use/modify an existing tool or build from scratch)

    1. Status: Not started
    2. Working Document(s):
    3. Deadline(s): 30th June 2013
  7. (if we need to build or modify) Create design specifications

    1. Status: Initial ideas have emerged
    2. Working Document(s):
      1. Research various standards for clinical data (HL7v2; CDA - Antepartum Summary, - EDR)
      2. Compilation of design options
        1. Initial Designs
        2. SHR Design Sketch's from Justin's visit to Jembi
          1. Design Session SHR
          2. OpenMRS Data Model
          3. OpenSHR Scalability Discussion
        3. Design Specification
    3. Deadline(s):