RHEA Phase I - Rwanda Maternal and Child Use Case


The Rwandan Ministry of Health together with Jembi Health Systems, InSTEDD, IntraHealth International and the Regenstrief Institute are creating and implementating an integrated health information system that will improve maternal and child care in Rwanda at health centre level. The creation of the system includes the development and implementation of a number of core national components that together with a point of care system combine to create an overall health information exchange that makes client information and medical histories easily accessible to health care providers. The components include the creation of national registries for clients, providers and facilities, the creation of a national Shared Health Record and an Interoperability layer that facilitates the transfer of knowledge between the registries and the point of care system.


Jembi Health Systems

Rwanda Ministry of Health

The Solution

This presentation is a high-level overview of the solution to improve maternal and child care in Rwanda at the health centre level through a health information system.

RHEA Story - Phase1

How It Works

The diagram below illustrates how Rwanda's different health system components interact through the interoperability layer creating a national HIE.

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