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  • What constitutes an OpenHIE IL?
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PoC Facing profiles (Support full spectrum of the interfaces but IL will simplify the POC connection by doing logging, etc)

  • XDS.b Document Registry and Document Repository
  • ATNA - Node Authentication (Authenticating Node)
  • PIX - Patient Identity cross-reference manager
  • PDQ - Patient Demographics Supplier
  • CSD - Service Directory
  • AR - Audit repository
  • DXF(?)
  • ?? FHIR Alert resource or SMTP

Registry facing profiles

  • XDS.b Document Source
  • PIX - Patient identify source, Patient identify consumer
  • PDQ - Patient Demographics Consumer
  • CSD - Service Finder
  • DXF(?)

Supported workflows

  1. Save encounter workflow
  2. Query encounters workflow
  3. Common message security workflow
  4. Send health worker alert workflow
  5. Aggregate data from the SHR
  6. Send pre-aggregated indicator data
  7. Pass through PIX and PDQ messages
  8. Pass through CSD messages


Should translate message formats

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