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Dates: See schedule below Location: Lync see below

These meetings are being held to reach consensus and shared understanding on key technical and organizational processes.   This alignment is needed to refine the OpenHIE architecture roadmap and the organizational processes needed to drive toward the next OpenHIE release and will include activities such as setting priorities, working toward consensus on group processes and defining key workflows that use emerging message standards for alerting and data aggregation.  


  1. Establish priorities and milestones for next OHIE Release (What we will do) 
  2. Refine and document OpenHIE development and release processes, including roles and responsibilities (How we will work)  
  3. Develop a shared understanding of aggregate data and alerting workflows
  4. Evaluate existing community structure (e.g., components vs. workflows)
  5. Gain alignment on key emerging architecture topics, including: 
    • Access controls
    • Vocabulary workflows
    • Enhancements to existing work flows 
    • Federation Process  (Check the notes from the call)  


  • Shared understanding 

  • Alignment on the topic

  • Open issues, action items and next steps for the topic

Pre-work for Meetings

Sponsors / Topic Lead  - Prepare an overview of the topic: (upload materials 24hrs. prior to discussion) 

  • Country Needs / Use Case 
  • Workflow draft or strawman proposal 

Prior to the meetings, each attendee should familiarize themselves with the following content:  

Framework for Discussions

  • Overview of the topic

    • Country needs / Use Cases
    • Workflow draft / draft proposal 
  • Group Discussion 

  • Next Steps 

Joining Meetings

Dialing in: 1 (317) 274-3025 Conference ID: 4789672  

Web Lync:

Agenda - Tuesday, August 25 - Friday, August 28

Day 1: Tuesday, August 25

Notes for Day 1

Video for Day 1 - Part 1, Video For Day 1 - Part 2 

Time (EDT)TopicPresenters MaterialsNext Steps/Consensus
9:00 - 10:30

Aggregate Data Exchange Workflow(s)

Sponsor: James Kariuki and Denise Johnson

Goals: Understanding of how the workflow interacts with the architecture in V2.0.

ADX Workflow Presentation
  • Clarify the role of the IL
  • Create diagrams for workflows
  • Make Diagram more clear (Sender and receiver IL or source and destination)) 
  • Walk through the Validate and Save Aggregate data workflows
  • Determine the Role of the InfoMan in validating data

CONSENSUS: Move forward with these two workflows. One is further along. One needs more refining.

10:30 - 10:45

10:45 - 12:15

Alerting Workflow(s)

Sponsor: Dykki Settle, Eduardo Jezierski and Carl Leitner

Goals: Understanding of how the workflow interacts with the architecture in V2.0.

150825 openhie_alert_workflow.pptx
  • Do a detailed review by looking at actual alert messages to make sure the alerting workflow works at scale
  • Revise sequence diagrams based upon feedback and map to OHIE Actors
  • Ensure OHIE Community has a better understand the aggregator and how it fits with the IL or OHIE Architecture
  • Begin socialization with mHealth providers to cultivate interest in implementing other candidates at Connectathon in January
  •  IHE test and have one implementation ready for OpenHIE 2.0
CONSENSUS: This workflow is on a good path and we will move forward to try and get this in the 2.0 release.
12:15-12:30Review Next Steps/Action Items  

Day 2: Wednesday, August 26

Notes for Day 2

Video for Day 2 Part 1, Video For Day 2 Part 2

Time (EDT)TopicPresenters MaterialsNext Steps/Consensus
9:00 - 10:30

Privacy and Security

Sponsor: Derek Ritz (ecGroup) and Justin Fyfe

Goals: Understand the current frameworks that have been developed.

Determine what needs to be delivered in V2.0.

15-04-13 OpenHIE Consent Doc

15-08-25 Consent Directive Management.pptx

  • Create maturity model around privacy, consent, etc. (including: maturity model will include exemplar policy considerations, technology standards, prioritization of what trajectory looks like)
  • Justin will investigate PD!-12 as a place to start for disclosure.

CONSENSUS:  Derek and Justin will create a draft maturity model for the group to give thought and input.

10:30 - 10:45

10:45 - 12:15

Strategy for TS Validation

Sponsor: Jack Bowie

Goals: Finalize strategy for TS validation and determine next steps.

TS Validation Transaction.pptx
  • Define the lift in creating a workflow for V2 that exposes a FHIR transaction to externally expose a way to get a value set.  
  • Provide more details about what can be transfered (hierarchy and metadata)  after connectathon.
  • Identify a sponsor for the PoS get code list workflow.

CONSENSUS: Want version 2 compliant server that is able to support fetch of the codes in a value set (value set could also include all of the codes in LOINC).

12:15-12:30Review Next Steps/Action Items  

Day 3: Thursday, August 27

Notes for Day 3

Video for Day 3

Time (EDT)TopicPresenters MaterialsNext Steps/Consensus
9:00 - 10:30

ODD Implementation

Sponsor: Ryan Crichton

Goals: Shared understanding of the capabilities, implementation and work left to do.

ODD presentation
  • Come up with the sections of documents we want to support (Immunizations are a prirority)
  • Define support for which summary documents we are able to generate -APS and General medical summary
  • Update the workflow documents
  • IHE testing to demonstrate ODD
  • Ian Fine and others should look at the specifications to tell us if they meet the requirements or not

CONSENSUS: Creating a summary document for next release is too high a bar but can start implementing support for existing documents. Can also do something in the short-term if necessary.

10:30 - 10:45

10:45 - 12:15

Open Time Slot

12:15-12:30Review Next Steps/Action Items  
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