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This meeting focused on continuing the conversation from our April and March meetings that have dug deeper into the working model which was introduced in the March community meeting. The May community meeting focus was on pre-appointment support and we were joined by team members from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), IntelliSOFT, and iCAP-Ethiopia to speak about their approaches for this touchpoint interaction.

These three presentations shared on the following:

  • Desalegn Bekedami from iCAP-Ethiopia shared the EMR-ART system and how it traces clients who have missed their appointment. This list is shared with adherence counselors and clinicians who use color coded displays to identify patients to call with reminders. 
  • Ashley Sorgi from EGPAF shared the digital solutions for quality improvement (QI) and pre-appointment strategies. There was a QI evaluation on HIV care in South Africa. The QI-PM application is both a mobile and web based tool that enables EGPAF staff to track site-level QI projects overtime.
  • David Mukungi and Esther Kanyang'onda from IntelliSOFT presented on eHospital, a client management module project in Kenya that ran from June 2019 to September 2019. This is an adaptation of Bahmni, is powered by OpenMRS to track patients, support clinical decisions, report and document management, support an entire facility, and is interoperable. They also shared on SSEMR, a project in South Sudan. This system connect Bahmni and syncs offline to register patients, view records, and enter patient data. This system also identifies missed appointments and viral loads as well as flag patients for the physician until they are enrolled. 

Following these presentations was a Q&A to dive deeper into programs shared by the speakers. We have posted the slides and recording of this meeting to this wiki page.

Don't forget to attend our upcoming DUC Debrief on May 25 from 9 to 10 a.m. (EDT). This meeting has been moved by one week for this month. This debrief will be an informal, open conversation with team members from EGPAF as follow-up to the pre-appointment support presentation at this month's community meeting. An invite will be sent your way to join in on the discussion!

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