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This meeting continued the conversation from previous meetings that have dug deeper into the working model which was first introduced in the March 2021 community meeting. The August meeting focus was on using patient record systems to generate M&E reports for HIV treatment continuity and we were joined by Clement Marcel from CiHEB Tanzania and Kagiso Sebina from CiHEB Botswana to speak about their approaches for this touchpoint interaction.

These two presentations shared on the following:

  • Clement Marcel from CiHEB Tanzania shared on the "Care and Treatment Analytics Tool" and how it is used to provide additional deep dive analytics to ensure that HIV care and treatment data informs and supports the programs and the National EMR. This tool is able to link with different tools for triangular data and allows cross-monitoring analysis. The data elements in this tool are deidentified patient-level data, such as visit date. Currently this tool is used in 31 regions and 1,300 facilities where three million clients and 155 million records were tested. 
  • Kagiso Sebina from CiHEB Botswana shared their presentation on "Data Based Community: Do we have the Data to use?" and how they addressed challenges with unique ID use, high mobility with patient populations, and matching and de-duplicating records. 

Following these presentations was a Q&A to dive deeper into the interventions shared by the speakers.

Please note: we did experience some technical challenges during this call. To share the context, the secretariat team had set-up a registration form for attendees to share details about who is joining the meeting and from where. The goal was to understand how our community is growing and representative. This form caused issues with our zoom link. We apologize to those who may not have been able to connect to this call. We are working on a plan to improve this before our next monthly community meeting - other calls (debriefs and deep dives) are not affected by this. We have posted the slides and recording to this wiki page for more details on the presentations and the full meeting. 

Don't forget to attend our upcoming DUC Debrief on August 17 from 9-10 a.m. (EDT) / 4-5 p.m. (EAT) / 3-4 p.m. (SAST) / 1-2 p.m. (UTC).  This debrief will be an informal, open forum to continue the conversation from this month's community meeting. An invite will be sent your way to join in on the discussion!

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