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This meeting synthesized conversations from previous meetings that dug deeper into the working model which was first introduced in the March 2021 community meeting. The October meeting focus was on sharing an overview of the interventions that have been shared with the community to date. The meeting was also designed to get feedback and input from community members on additional needs and topics that the community would like to see addressed.

Paul Biondich, a community lead for the Data Use Community, started the presentation by sharing background on the formation of this community along with its mission, purpose, and the progress we've made to date. Paul then shared how we've organized this through the field experiences that have been shared on this call by creating a framework/working model now titled, "Technical Interventions Framework (TIF): HIV Treatment Continuity". The TIF was made to start creating common understanding of implementer approaches through agreeing on a common way to talk about / look at HIV treatment continuity. Next, Olivia shared about a project to create canvases across interventions in the TIF. The Touchpoint Canvas is a visual framework for understanding different components of an intervention. Following this presentation, Kasey Upchurch, led a feedback session for input on how community members have felt about this community so far and the direction they would like to see for the future of the DUC. 

Following these presentations and feedback session, was an open forum to share any open-ended feedback or thoughts on the TIF. 

Don't forget to attend our upcoming meetings and as a reminder, we will not be hosting a DUC debrief session this month. We hope to see you at future calls!

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