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Quick Summary: This page outlines what OpenHIE is and how you can get involved. There are links to several resources to connect to community members and to learn more.

What is OpenHIE?

Open Health Information Exchange (OpenHIE) is a community of government officials, tech developers, and implementers working in digital health information systems. This community supports countries as they implement health information exchange and improves upon the OpenHIE Architecture - our conceptual approach to the exchange of health information - through open and collaborative practices.

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How can I participate in OpenHIE?

It is the members of the OpenHIE community who work in any capacity to implement the solutions and report back on their approach and experience. This information is then distilled to others who are looking to implement and the cycle continues to set-up structures that can be customized for unique environments.

This community is OPEN - so all who are interested in joining, sharing, or learning from others are welcome and can do so in our many different Open & Collaborative activities and practices.


I’ve been working in HIE. How do I share my experience and best practices with the community? 

Welcome to OpenHIE and we encourage you to start sharing! 

There are many activities that you can share your experience through:

titleOpenHIE's Open & Collaborative Environment


Community Structure

View the Community Structure

View Practice Area Groups supporting the OpenHIE approach & learn how to join calls

Documentation & Capacity Strengthening

Review the Architecture Specification to see the overview of the architecture

Review the Getting Started Guide to kick start a health information exchange project

Search through Impact Stories to see real-world implementations and how they are benefitting their countries

Search through the Field Notes to learn more about current projects being led by community members

Important Events

The Annual Community Meetings are the formal, in-person and virtual events for all members of the community to come together and talk about all things HIE

The OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN) is a series of events for those working in HIE to share and learn from their peers

Coffee & Community virtual calls are short, informal networking sessions for community members

The community calendar is a master list of all the upcoming events for OpenHIE

Stay Connected with the Community

OpenHIE Architecture Diagram

OpenHIE’s architecture is made up of software components, all interacting/interoperating to ensure that health information from various point-of-service systems is gathered into a health information exchange. To accomplish this, the exchange normalizes the context in which health information is created across multiple dimensions including:

  1. Who received health services
  2. Who provided the services
  3. Where the services were received
  4. What particular care and services were received
  5. What products may have been involved in treatment
  6. Who has financial responsibility

Learn Online with OpenHIE Academy

Interested in learning more about the OpenHIE Architecture, community, and HIE? Check out the Academy for free, self-paced courses across these topics.

Stay Connected with the Community

Stay Connected with the Community
Stay Connected with the Community

Want to keep OpenHIE’s events and activities on your radar? Participate in one or more of our platforms to connect with others and learn about upcoming activities.

Check out our communication links for "Connecting with Others" and "Receiving Updates"

Connecting with Others

Connect with other members of the community through our various social media and communication platforms! On these sources we share regular updates with the community members who follow! 

Receiving Updates

Join the OpenHIE Community Email List to receive updates on events and community happenings!


We're so glad you're interested in learning more about the OpenHIE approach and community. If you have any questions for getting involved, email the secretariat at

For more information about the community, check out the OpenHIE Guiding Principles, Mission + Vision, and Policies.