This process is being piloted. Feedback is welcome in the comments section of the document or can be given directly to Chris Bell 

The table below ensures the community is tracking updates to the components section of the OpenHIE Specification on GitBook. This community developed resource provides a reference for HIE implementers so if you have suggestions for component requirement changes please follow instructions in the OpenHIE Component Specification Change Log Request so they can be reviewed and then published in the tool.

Specification Component

Community responsible for review/update of specification

Requirement Type

Describe Requirement Status

Author(s) of last update

Date of last update

Non-Functional Requirements

Architecture & Standards? OHIE-TC?

Chris Bell 

  1. Need reviewed by TC or small working group
  2. Unsure if there are packaging standards / recommendations that need to be included in the specification

Client Registry (CR)

Documentation on standards is up to date

  1. Finalize review of the CR functional requirements.
  2. Get alignment and update that section of the specification

Facility Registry (FR)

WorkflowData exchange needs reviewed as there are gaps on exchange patterns for updating or adding a facility


Finance and Insurance Services (FIS)

WorkflowWorking on documentation of standards and application requirements


Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)

WorkflowADX and mADX documented


Health Worker Registry (HWR)

  • Need to review exchanges (CSD, mCSD)
  • Are there patterns for adds and updates needed?


Interoperability Layer (IOL)

Interoperability Layer Community

Ryan Crichton 



Logistics Management Information System (LMIS)

WorkflowData exchanges up to date


Need to add application functional requirements

Product Catalogue (PC)

WorkflowThere is documentation/resources out there that need reviewed and requirements need added to the specification.1/16/24

Shared Health Record (SHR)

WorkflowUpdates needed

FunctionalUpdates needed

Terminology Service (TS)

Clinical Metadata / Terminology Service Community

Joe Amlung Jack Bowie Jonathan Payne 

WorkflowDocumented data exchanges. Reviewing whether additional exchanges needed.


Point-Of-Care Systems

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